Monash Uni Community Farm (MUCFarm)


The Monash University Community Farm is a new initiative developed by Monash students, in collaboration with Monash University and Notting Hill Community Association.

The Monash Uni Community Farm seeks to promote sustainable living practices by engaging the students, staff and local neighbours of Monash University (Clayton) in organic food production and permaculture design principles.

MUCFarm seeks  to provide fresh local organic produce through the student-run Wholefoods Restaurant and Veggie-Box Co-Op, and to encourage students, staff and the wider community to learn and grow together, sharing skills & knowledge, thereby developing and demonstrating community supported permaculture.


The key aim of the project is to build resilience and adaptation to climate change in the Monash area through education and practical application, particularly in relation to food security and sustainable food sources. By aiming to reduce dependence on fossil fuel products and services, the Farm strives to minimise its ecological footprint.
More specifically, the project aims to achieve the following:
  • provide a seasonal supply of organic food to Wholefoods Restaurant and the Veggie Box co-operative, reducing dependence on carbon-intensive farming methods and food mileage;
  • provide hands on training and  education in sustainable, affordable food production, and hence raise awareness on the everyday impacts of food choices on the climate and environment;
  • provide for Monash students, staff and the broader community a visual educational resource on Permaculture, food production and sustainability, and;
  • Develop and nurture a sense of togetherness and a celebration of diversity by providing an example of how public space can be effectively used to increase social resilience in a changing climate.

More information on the roles and structure of the MUCFarm team.


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